1)  Prep - jot some notes down on the key things you'd like to cover in your interview.  Maybe a couple of stories - or interesting people you've come into contact with. 


2)  Lighting - ideally face a window when doing your interview.  Avoid a backlight - either a window or bright light behind you.  

3)  Use a laptop or desktop computer - not a phone.  If you must use a phone...orient it horizontally.

4) Smile, It sounds simplistic but video doesn't capture your spirit as an in person meeting would.  Oversmilling will make you come off warmer and friendlier.

5)  We use the  Zoom video platform for our interviews so gaining a little familiarity with how Zoom works is helpful. More at Zoom.


6)  Dress casually, but avoid busy blouse or shirt patterns.  Solid colors work much better. 

7)  Pick an area where you won't be distracted and you'll have some privacy.  

8)  During your interview locate and look directly at the camera on your computer.

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