FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is each session?

Your sessions are around 60-minutes.  

You may want to cut them up into 15 or 20 minute sessions for the same price.  The price per session is equal to the price per hour.  See our Pricing for more information. 


Who will interview me? 

We have a growing team of professional broadcasters who will be interviewing you. 

Do I need a computer or phone? 

Yes...we do our interviews with an interactive video platform - Zoom.  We prefer that you have a computer with a built in camera and microphone, most do these days, but can make a mobile phone or tablet work too.

Is video production expensive?

The rule of thumb is that video production cost about $1,000 per minute.  By using shared video platforms like Zoom or Go To Meeting we've been able to bring the cost way down with Bookend Stories.

What about inserting pictures, old videos or other graphics?

Just like in commercial television we can insert pictures, old videos (some format restrictions), or audio files into your interview.  Pictures of your old home or car or your graduation pictures all serve to better tell your story.

Can I see a sample interview?

Yes.  Here's a sample reel .     

Could I have an audio recording without video?

Yes...absolutely.  But the price remains the same. 

Bookend Stories Sample Reel

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